New FPS Games

The best 2019 shooter and FPS on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC – This is the list with the best shooter, or FPS planned for 2019, a collection of first-person shooting games (both multiplayer and individual campaign focused) with which we will download adrenaline throughout the New Year.

We started the year 2019 with a lot of good intentions and a lot of gunpowder to carry them out. Because in this report we have selected the most expected shooting games of 2019. It is a collection of FPS that in some cases already has a confirmed release date, as in the next Metro Exodus, Far Cry New Dawn or Rage 2, while in others it is only known that they will arrive this year (what happens with DOOM Eternal or the nearest Overkills the Walking Dead for consoles).

We have also not resisted making three more risky bets. The first is that Metroid Prime 4 (an ongoing FPS) will arrive in 2019 for Nintendo Switch. The second bet is that the Call of Duty that Infinity Ward is developing for 2019 would be Modern Warfare 4 (unconfirmed). Last but not least, we play it that this year we will be able to enjoy Halo Infinite, the sixth installment of the saga starring The Master Chief-and also Spartan Locke and Cortana – which was shown very briefly during the last E3 2018.

  1. Far Cry New Dawn

On February 15, we will be able to enjoy this Far Cry 5 spin-off, which was announced during the Game Awards. It is a similar case to that of Far Cry Primal, that is, a game that takes advantage of some elements of the previous one, but that puts us in a very different situation. This time we will have to make our way into post-apocalyptic areas, following the outbreak of several nuclear warheads, which has led to the emergence of strange fauna (mutated by radiation) and wild inhabitants.

Far Cry New Dawn is a sage mix between the style of the saga itself and an ideal and light-headed setting, reminiscent of Mad Max, is the first game of the saga that incorporates elements of survival and “recycling” weapons.

  1. Metro Exodus

In Metro Exodus, the place is plagued by mutant beasts lurking behind the dark corners of significant nonlinear levels. Developed by 4th Games for PS4, Xbox One and PC, the adventure combines action with stealth and exploration, with an essential narrative depth that will tell us how Artyom should lead a group of Spartan Rangers through a post-apocalyptic Russia in search of a new life.

  1. Overkills The Walking Dead

Before spring we can enjoy this cooperative FPS for four players in their PS4 and Xbox One versions. It is a combination of terror and survival inspired by Robert Kirkman’s comics, rather than the TV series.

  1. Insurgency Sandstorm

In 2019 we will welcome the PS4 and Xbox One version of this tactical shooter, which brings us back to a realistic Middle East conflict. It has a clear online vocation, and cooperation between members of the same team is crucial to survival.

To make us feel like a real shootout, we bet on a simulation of the behavior of the weapons, the level of damage, or the absence of indicators on the screen. Insurgency Sandstorm (the second installment of the series) has been available for PC since last December.

  1. RAGE 2

ID Software and Avalanche (sandbox managers like Mad Max or Just Cause) join forces in this FPS, which has inherited a lot from Doom. On May 14, we will be able to tour its Moors, desert environments and ruinous structures, alternating gunfire, driving phases, and body-to-body attacks with some charming characters (as you can see in the trailer). Bethesda has endeavored to show us the most excessive side of the genre, and Rage 2 is thus added to other shooting games planned for 2019, such as Doom Eternal or Wolfenstein Youngblood.

  1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4

For now, we only know that Infinity Ward (the creators of Call of Duty Infinite) will be the studio in charge of developing the next delivery of the FPS with the most sales of all time. If Trey arch has broken records with the release of Call of Duty Black Ops IIII, instead of campaign mode for a player opted for the “battle royal” in the way, Blackout, and Sledgehammer Games did the same thing with the back to the Second World War in Call of Duty WWII, is the time for this study to retrieve his saga’s most acclaimed.