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Are you late for the eSports? These are the games with the most opportunities to grow

If a novel player wanted to launch himself today to conquer the League of Legends World, the first thing I would say to him was to think about it.

The fabric of the Riot game is as vast as it is complicated. All right, its staggered structure is ideal for measuring positions, from the exhibition cups to the World Cup finals, but the competition can’t be more ferocious. According to Riot’s data, it currently estimates 70 million active players, with peaks of up to 8 million on weekends.

In spite of everything, it is not difficult to make a hole in the eSports, on the contrary. And it may be convenient to grow up next to the game itself, next to a small shooter or a collectible card game, where competition is not so forceful, and it is easier to demonstrate one’s abilities. Make a name for yourself.

The games with higher-margin growth

Let’s try to plot a route to find the set that best suits our style.

  1. Driving games (or just cars)

One of the key elements in finding your site is knowing where you are most reliable. If your genre is driving, the PlayStation Official League is still betting on DRIVECLUB and in no time will it start with high tourism. The ESL has a series of international competitions around Project Cars. Xbox idem with Forza 6 and, well, the Trackmania leagues are a real delight to see and compete.

All these games have their own Open Cups, weekly competitions and juicy prizes (from 50 euros, the most modest, to 3,000 euros). But where one car game stands out above the rest is in the Rocket League.

For those of you who don’t know him, quick notes. Rocket League was born in 2014 by The Hand of Psyonix under the following premise: playing football with cars. Vehicles, through propulsion, face hard matches with the simple goal of scoring more goals than the opposing team. Under these wickets are created dynamic games and crazy pirouettes where marking is the least.

The idea was born as a sequel to a discrete ‘Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars’ —discrete for sales success, not for its playful potential. And it couldn’t work better. Right now the game remains unstoppable, adding hours and hours and international supporters. The “basketball mode followed the expansion of more cars and circuits.” What started as a mere idiot anger has become a very well-cultivated and extrapolated idea. And there are tournaments all over the world. There may be some competition going on right now.

  1. First-person Shooters

Any video game user knows Call of Duty. Their school of users is gigantic.

One of the laptops for shooters recommended by ACER is the Predator 15, with its graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 980M with 4 GB dedicated and Intel Core i7 6700HQ to 2.6 GHz.

Competitions usual shooters were orbiting around the great pop of the genre. But there are shooting games with an identical margin of growth although much less tradition. Overwatch is the king at this point.

I’ll tell you something. Overwatch’s success has a germ of birth: Activision Blizzard, the company that created the game, bought the Major League Gaming last year and hired experienced executives from the NFL Network and ESPN. This means that the position could not be more advantageous. Result: Overwatch is the favorite game, with the highest growth in the sports industry.

The arrival of Overwatch to South Korea was a revolution —and a hard blow to the player base of League of Legends—. In just a month they saw the PC bangs (the usual game cybercafes) surrender to this new creature and break LoL from his throne, as he had held for more than four years.

The eSports culture is the backbone of Korea, as they are the lung and cradle of international electronic sport. And this scale is ideal, thanks to its seniority and experience, to define the success and journey of any game. With 12 million active users, Overwatch has achieved gold in popularity, above LoL and Sudden Attack —the Korean version of Crossfire. And he does not think to stop: recently they have released on PC their second season with significant improvements and some new scenario.

Through his Twitter, you can consult the news, eventually publish the results of some tournament. Getting on this ship is a pretty substantial growth guarantee.

  1. Fighting games

Fighting games are by themselves quite arid. Entering into his circle of influence involves devoting quite a few hours to perfecting the chosen character over and over again.

But the success of the eSports defines not only its play possibilities but also its ability to be seen and enjoyed: Youtube and Twitch are the best thermometers to understand the synergies between a video game and its fandom. In other words, if a lot of people see it, it’s because it works. Also, seeing how they train creates feedback. You learn both by practicing and by watching practice.

Nintendo is the Queen on this side. Among his wrestling games, he drives Super Smash Bros —which is both a wrestling game and a platform game— like Pokkén Tournament. This other freckle of few characters, although Smash Bros has a roster of up to 56, both share the same philosophy: that you, as a player, grow up, discover the playable choices of each opponent, that you invent your combos and get to the top through your means.

While the official Street Fighter V tournaments follow the same bases as their predecessor, sharing on the identical “All-star ” lists, the Pokkén Tournament and Super Smash Bros competition templates fluctuate every day. It’s easy to watch the number 300 fight the number 10 in the world and beat him. It’s crazy to think anyone has a chance. And he does.

Perhaps the culture in Spain of these two video games is not so well established –just look at the lists of the best to discover that they are mostly American— but this is only an additional incentive to bet on it, as the competition is much smaller.

A few years ago, a documentary about Smash Bros was published that said the following key: no player has an advantage. Anyone can create the unbeatable technique.