Betting on Esports

There are many kinds of games and sports that you can bet your money on. You can bet on various kinds of real sports like shooting games, cycling games, car races, Olympic races and so on. But one of the most unique things on which you can bet on is Esports. Esports is an online multiplayer video game where you can bet your money, and get a chance to change your future. There are several online esports betting sites from which you can choose the want where you want to place your bets.

betting on esports

The Rise of Esports Betting & Gambling

Esports is an online multiplayer video game that is played by a lot of participants simultaneously. You can stay updated about Esports and watch these games either online on streaming sites or even on YouTube, and nowadays even cable sports channels like ESPN have taken up Esports streaming. The players are all of the professional levels and have had quite an amount of experience in these games.

You can bet on the players you want to. There are several online esports betting sites, which have been on the rise, because it is unique, fun and very entertaining. This whole concept is relatively new so there isn’t much crowd there as well. The market is so huge that there is an estimate of 20 billion dollars by the end of 2020.

How to Bet on Esports

The best way in which you can start betting on esports is with the help of online esports betting sites. These are online casinos where you can place your bets. These online casinos are legal casinos where you can not only place your bets on esports but also avail the casino bonus option which can help you to start your game without having to make a real deposit. You can start playing with the help of casino bonus option, as you get free spins and chances as well as an increased deposited amount. This is the best thing when it comes to esports betting because technically you can win real money without having to lose any of yours, and earn even more. Therefore, if you are looking for a place to place your bets on esports, then online casino is the place for you.

The Best Esports Betting Sites

  • BET 365: This is a wonderful site for esports betting. This is a great betting platform where you get fantastic odds to place your esports bets.
  • BETWAY: This is an online site where you can place your bets on esports and win a free bet, which is an offer most can’t refuse.
  • UNIBET: This is a site for champions, as you can easily bet on esports on this particular site and get a deposit bonus amount upon creating your account.
  • LEO VEGAS: this betting site too, provides a deposit bonus option for newcomers.
  • Mr. GREEN: this is an exceptional site where you can place your bets launched in the year 2016, where you can avail the deposit bonus option.

How to Find Legit Esports Betting?

This is a very important question to cover so that players can rest assured they are playing at a legit casino. The first thing to check is the license. Each licensed casino states the government authority that provides licenses. Often the license or registration ID is also listed in the footer. If you want to double-check the number itself is legit, you can go to the issuing authority or check reputable sources to gather more information. The sites listed above are 100% legit and licensed, but it wouldn’t hurt to know how to do the research on your own.